William Hebert Photography

About Me


The Point

This is a time of compromise in the field of photography. Technology has somewhat replaced the craft, yielding predictably mediocre results. I understand the immediate considerations that lead many architects, builders, and designers to 'self-medicate', but in the end it is their brand that suffers. Set yourself above the ordinary, however, and you stand to attract more - or more prestigious - work. You rely on reputation and referrals, but why not bring in those outside their reach with good visuals? While some may be able to see the quality of your work in spite of your existing photography, many won't.


The Light

Without good light, even great subjects will generate only average results. My exterior shots take into account time of day and time of year. The interiors are well served by my lighting equipment without being obvious. No strobe spill on the ceilings. No light falloff across a room. Multi-room shots always have balance and smooth transitions. There is, at most, minimal glare on reflective features. If there is anything in the way of surface shine, it is there by intent to depict a finish, texture, or contour.

An additional quality you should notice is my ability to color correct all light sources. There is no jaundice from interior lights or blue chill from windows. Once you discern the difference, you can't help but see those influences for what they are - contamination.


The View

Here's what won't be obvious. I've developed a technique that allows my camera to "look around the room" without introducing the excessive distortion of a wide angle lens. When there is a demand for strong horizontal, vertical, or square formats, I can accomplish that without surrendering file size. Instead, I can sufficiently add to those capture sizes enough to allow billboard or trade show sized renderings.

I've been in the business for almost 40 years and received national Addy and AIA awards. While I'm proud of that, in the end it is the work that matters. How do these images make you feel? Do they entice you to enter? This is, after all, the sense you want to instill in your clients.